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Jim Hoerricks

A self confessed Photoshop fanatic since version 3 for Mac, Jim Hoerricks is an artist/designer/photographer and is a Forensic Video/Image Analyst for the Los Angeles Police Department's Scientific Investigation Division*. Jim specializes in blending techniques from the design world with the Forensic Workflow. Always an innovator, Jim established the LAPD's Forensic Video Lab in 2001, has been the lead analyst on many of the LAPD's high-profile cases, and helped set the standard by which video evidence is handled by the department. Jim has worked on loan to many local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and has testified as an expert in Forensic Video Analysis in courtrooms throughout California.

In addition to his work in law enforcement (and being the author of Forensic Photoshop), Jim is the author of the Forensic Photoshop blog ( and a co-author of Best Practices for the Retrieval of Video Evidence from Digital CCTV Systems published by the Investigative Support & Forensics Subgroup of the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG). The TSWG is the US national forum that identifies, prioritizes, and coordinates interagency and international research and development requirements for combating terrorism.

As an CaPOST Certified Instructor, Jim has taught classes on Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and CCTV Evidence Retrieval for the National Association of Technical Investigators (NaTIA); Imaging Techniques for the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA); Using Microsoft's PowerPoint to Present Video Evidence in Court for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office; and has been a part time Photoshop Instructor in the Photography Department of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca.

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Jim Hoerricks - Author of Forensic Photoshop
Jim Hoerricks
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